Sunday, April 17, 2011

Found Treasures

Last night as I downloaded pictures off of the digital camera my parents gave us for Christmas, my hubby and I realized that we had another digital camera that we had purchased while on our honeymoon. What could be on it? We found it buried in a storage box on the computer desk. Unfortunately, the battery was dead. So, we charged it up, eager with anticipation on what we would find.

A short time later, once the battery was charged, we hooked it up to the computer and waited for the images to appear. We hadn't used the camera in so long, the possibilities were endless.

Well, there were honeymoon pictures, most of which we already had saved to a CD. There were pictures that well didn't come out too well, so those were just deleted. There were pictures from when I was pregnant with our little man. It was so weird seeing those pictures again. Like this one:

But most importantly and the most special ones of all were the videos and photos of Brandon during his first few months. As I watched those videos, I actually had tears in my eyes. It seemed like such a long time ago. One that really got me was a video of Brandon in the NICU. He was so tiny and so strong. I had totally forgotten that we had taken video of his first experience with cereal or the times I would just video him making noises and faces. There was even the video of the first time he rolled over. Sort of made me miss all of that.

But today, Brandon reminded me just how much fun a toddler can be and even though I may miss all of the "baby" stuff, toddlers are pretty cool too. Today we played "monsters". He hid in the kitchen and I hid around the corner. We both sneaked around the corner and ran at each other growling like monsters. We played like this for about 20 minutes before something diverted his attention. It was so much fun to actually be able to create a game and play with him for however long it lasted. You can't do that when they are little.

He also has this desire to help do everything he is capable, even some things he can't do quite yet. He loves to help vacuum. He will run from anywhere in the house if he hears you taking out the garbage. He "carries" the garbage to the door for Daddy then comes back in the kitchen and with a little help puts a bag back in the can and closes the lid.

I'm sure those videos will always make me miss his baby years, and memories like today will always make me miss the toddler years, but at least I know that there will always be more really cool memories to make.

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