Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

I can't say that I am sad to see 2011 be over. It was a pretty tough year, not just for my family, but I think for almost everyone in some way. We battled unemployment twice and have had our share of financial difficulties. We had good times and bad times, but nothing that together we couldn't make it through as a family. As a nation, we saw natural disasters of epic proportions. We've seen unemployment and personal and national debt at all time highs, we've seen icons leave this earth sooner than we would have liked.  But rather than dwell on the bad that 2011 brought us, I want to start the new year on a higher positive note. That is one of the things I love about New Years. It a chance to start over, a chance to reflect on the things that didn't go as planned and make them right in the new year. It's a chance to change your life. And that is precisely what 2012 will be all about.  I have quite the bucket list for 2012. Some are rather redundant. By that I mean, it's the same resolution, year after year; lose weight, save money, become more organized, pay off get the idea. And every year, I start the year working out and eating right and paying off bills and organizing my home until the tasks become so daunting that I, well, quit, mostly because it's too much change all at once. And really, who said all resolutions need to begin simultaneously at the start of the year? Isn't the object to cross off items on your bucket list as you take your journey through the year?  But this year I'm going to try something different. I am making one single resolution that encompasses all those other resolutions: be a better person. All around a better person. Do things right, make good decisions. Live our life as best as we can with the situations and resources that are put in front of us. Cause really, isn't that all we can do right now? (besides hope to win the lottery). So, as we enjoy ringing in the new year with some of our dearest friends, my family wishes each and every one of you the best that 2012 has to offer; good health, happiness and most of all prosperity. Be kind to one another and be kind to yourself. Follow your dreams... Happy New Year!!! 

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