Monday, August 5, 2013

Fat to Fit - End of Week 2

I noticed this past week that at certain times, my hips (more so my right) and shins would hurt during and after a run. Now, keep in mind, when I say run, I really mean run until I can't breathe, walk until I catch my breath and start running again. So, it's more like interval training. I typically head outside to the road. The scenery is nicer to look at than at the gym and the variations in the road make it more challenging for me. Anyway, I decided to do a little trial and error and took one of my runs to the local high school track. 

No pain!! I wasn't able to run a longer distance, mostly because there's no shade and it was friggin hot out there. My feet and face were on fire!! The point was, though, I experienced less pain when I had the extra cushioning that the track provided. However, I paid the price of not feeling like was working my muscles as hard as I do when I'm running at different elevations. And, well, there wasn't too much to look at. I felt like a NASCAR race. 

I haven't lost again for a second week in a row, but I have noticed that my clothes are fitting different. So, I'm happy. And I received a really nice compliment that I was losing weight, so something is changing and that is enough for me. I'm really trying to not get too hung up on what the scale says. 

One other reason I didn't see the results I wanted to this week was because I ate a lot more than I should have. Why? Well, on August 1st, we quit smoking. I have smoked for a long time so I started replacing the cigarettes with food. Probably not smart to try and quit when you are also trying to get fit and healthy, but, it needed to be done. As my lungs heal, my stamina while running will increase and that is really motivating for me. And seeing the savings account grow with all that money we aren't spending!!  I did buy one of those electronic cigarettes though to help when the craving is too much. It's definitely helping. I can't say that I have been completely cigarette free, I have had a few, but each time I do, I find that the taste isn't as enjoyable as I thought and if I haven't had one for like 12 hours, the smell is nasty. 

For this upcoming cardio week, my goal is to lower my per mile time. I'm trying to 12 minutes or less per mile. 

If you have quit smoking, I'd love to hear your tips and tricks that got you through.  

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