Friday, March 18, 2011

Party Prep & Well, Mom Rocks!!!

Tomorrow I am hosting a Thirty One party. No, I'm not turning 31, been there, done that. Thirty One is a collection of bags, lots and lots of bags, that can be customized by pattern and embelished with embroidery. I seriously want one of everything...the reason for hosting the party. Free stuff and discounts, LOVE IT!!! You can visit their site at And I really think you should.

Anyway, I had dinner at Mom's last night. Our traditional St. Patty's Day feast. No one else eats it, so Mom buys the smallest one she can every year and cooks it with all the fixin's, just for us. It was super yummy.

As we sat after dinner yappin', I started making a list of the things that I needed for not only my party, but for our regular weekly grocery shopping. And 'cause I tell my mom everything, I started telling her what I was making and doing and yadda yadda yadda. She tells me that she has styrofoam bowls left from some party that we did, most likely Brandon's birthday this past summer and offered them up. Great, less money to spend, every little bit helps. She then got out dessert plates, plastic spoons and coffee cups and stirrers, even better. Then went in her cabinet and got the chocolate chip cookie dough, oatmeal raisin cookie dough (she even had the raisins) and rainbow sprinkles. She went into the 'frig and asked if I wanted the 3 sticks of butter (they dont' use it) and it was just enough for the cookies and the banana bread. She then went over to the counter and grabbed a few bananas that she wouldn't get a chance to eat. She seriously rocks.

I've been living out of my parents home for 7 years now and it always amazes me that no matter what I need, she has it, somewhere...If you have a need, you can bet she either has it or knows where you can get it cheaper. Moms are awesome that way.

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