Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sundaes on Saturday

Yesterday I hosted a Thirty-One Gifts party. My very good friend Shannon is a represenative, so I had a party to help her out and get my hands on the adorable stuff that Thirty-One has and the prices are super reasonable. It was fantastic!! Mostly because I got to see Shannon. Her and I haven't seen each other in 14 of them!! We met back up again on Facebook a few years ago when we were both pregnant with our boys. Her son, Connor, is about 4 months older than Brandon. Even though we had not been in touch for so many years, we picked up right were we left off...just older. Ironically, we both had very similar pregnancies. One day we were yapping on Facebook, and she mentioned that she started with this rash, PUPPS...basically an allergy to the male DNA of your pregnancy. The very next day, I started itching in one spot on my belly. It kept itching and itching and itching. We were talking and naturally she thought it was all in my head, turns out I had the rash too. We bonded over the agony of the itch. Seriously, we were miserable.

Anyway, the day was so much fun and I hope my guests had as much fun as I did. To introduce all the products Shannon had with her, we played a slogan game and gave out raffles. We all got to hang out and yap and shop and eat ice cream sundaes.

Anyway....Here are some pictures from the day.
Me and Shannon

The display...look at all those bags!!!

Very fun patterns

The sundae toppings

It's all about the ice cream

Yummy fruit


Shannon doing her thing

Great day with great friends

Super cute monogramming

My hostess gift. Love it!! Even after all this time she knows me so well.

You can't go wrong with M&Ms

Check out the Thirty-One website at I promise you will go crazy for everything!! If you want to place an order, host a party or even have a catalog party, go to her website and contact her.

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