Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mental Exhaustion

It wasn't until this morning that I realized just how mentally exhausted this mama really is. The last few weeks have been ridiculously crazy, stressful, uncertain and busy and my brain has been on total overload. Sometimes I feel my brain may actually melt. To start, my hubby was injured at work, nothing too serious, he pulled a pectoral muscle that could have potentially cause a bruise on his lung and has been having a heck of a time getting his employer, the doctor and Worker's Comp to get the paperwork correct. It's been 3 weeks of back and forth and phone calls and trying to get back to work. It's frustrating when you are relying on someone else and things don't get done.

Approximately at the same time that my husband got hurt, I was notified by my temp job that my assignment would be ending...a month sooner than initially anticipated. Unfortunately, my agency has nothing for me. So, as it stands now, back to unemployment I go next week. In one way, it will be a blessing. I have been trying for a few months to really get a freelance wrting career going and now, well, I'll have the time. I have also started writing an ebook which I intend to finish. The pay for unemployment is reduced from my pay now, but hey, more motivation to get my writing going. I have a great support system in my husband and family and from the fantastic new friends I have made through the MomSquawk contest.

To add to the uncertainty and craziness that the last few weeks have brought about, we found out that an apartment we have always loved in our complex will be available June 1st. Ironically, just across the street. It's a 2 bedroom, which would be great!! We have more than outgrown our little one bedroom apartment, we need space. As my hubby puts it, our place is like trying to "fit a battleship in a bath tub". And he is sooooo right. We need more space, Brandon needs his own space and mommy and daddy need their room back!!! But 30 days to be ready? To pack, to paint to organize? To take on additional financial responsibility with no job or hopes that I become employed in the next 4 weeks or even better my writing career take off?

If we don't make the move now, we have a plan to move to a different complex next year, but it means making this place work for yet another long 365 days. Is an even better place worth the year wait?

See where my mental exhaustion comes from? But I suppose that is the life of a mommy. :O)

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