Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Blog a Day in May

I have officially registered for the 4th Annual Word Count Blogathon - 2011. The Blogathon is an annual event that brings together professional writers and bloggers for the purpose of becoming a more proficient writer/blogger by posting every day in the month of May. At the end of the month, there will be a drawing and the winner(s) can be awarded valuable writing focused prizes including things like a Blogging class, a copywriting class, business cards or a membership to a journalist website.

So, away we go with day 1.

Why Scary Movies are Well...Scary

Last night my husband and I decided to have a movie night after our son was in bed. My hubby chose Paranormal Activity 2. Not cool. Scary movies scare me. Yes, I know that they are just movies but some of this stuff can really happen. At least in my mind.

I would never worry about Jason killing me at camp, or Freddy coming into my dreams, but movies with ghosts and spirits and demons and all that "real" scary stuff freaks me out. I kept an open mind, but quite frankly, I barely watched the movie. I spend a good portion of the movie with my head buried in a pillow. Childish? Yes. Did I care? No. Every time I knew that something scary was going to happen, I'd bury my face and let out a little whimper. My hubby would chuckle. At 31 years old, I really did feel completely ridiculous. But if you have seen the movie, and are a mother, you'll get it.

In either case, this sparked a conversation between us after the movie and I started thinking that I love a good horror flick, but ghost movies scare the heck out of me. For days I walk around the house turning a light on in every room and I am afraid to open my eyes in the dark. I always feel creeped out. Eventually that feeling goes away, but while it's here, it's creepy.

And just because I know my wonderful husband will read this, "I don't like the Saw movies either." Disturbing. That is all.

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