Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Blog a Day in May - Day 3 - Sick

I planned all day on writing a substantial post, but this evil head cold completely knocked me out!!! It is truly evil. Since Friday, I pushed the stuffy nose and runny eyes off as allergies. I typically don't have allergies, but they say that this is gonna be a bad year for allergies. Monday I left work early because I just couldn't take the sinus pressure staring at a computer screen. I got home and my wonderful husband had a pillow and blanket all set up on the couch and was in the process of making me a cup of tea. I laid down for a while and Chris came home with Brandon a few hours later.

Even though I was able to rest, it didnt help all that much. I still felt awful and knew then that it was pretty certain I was not going to work the next day. Sure enough, I woke up this morning and was right, I still felt sick.

After breakfast, my mom came over and picked Brandon up. Thevobject again was for me to rest, but I decided a shredding party of old documents was in order...and necessary to prep for our move. I got it done and then rested.

I'm still sick, but feeling better. I'll be heading back to work tomorrow to finish my last 2 days armed with tea and Cold medication.

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