Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Paranormal or SubConscious

So I had to write about this and I’m hoping to get some feedback because quite frankly, I’m totally freaked out.

Normally, I set my cell phone alarm to wake me up in the morning and apparently last night I didn’t. I was just happy to lie in my bed and drift off to dreamland and it was a real treat that my son slept through the night…in his own bed. YAY for small miracles!!

However, I was startled awake by a woman yelling, “NO, NOO, NOOOO” through the baby monitor. I bolted up, looked over my husband at the clock, it was 6:26 am. It is then that I realized I must have forgotten to set my alarm and as I was picking up my phone to confirm, my son woke up saying, “Mom, Mommy” through the monitor. He didn’t seem scared or alarmed, just awake. I got up and went into his room to get him. I looked around and nothing was abnormal. His Tickle Me Elmo was lying near him, but that doesn’t say “no” and Elmo is a very distinct voice, even coming out of a deep sleep. Nor is Tickle Me Elmo easy to get going. You gotta press on the sucker's belly pretty hard to get him to start laughing away. Brandon had wet through his diaper so I changed his PJ's and then laid him in bed next to Daddy so I could get ready for work.

It wasn’t until I was on my way to work that I really began thinking about what just happened. Did I really hear a woman’s voice over my son’s monitor, did I dream I heard a voice or was it my subconscious’ way of telling me that I over slept? Either way, until I get an answer, which I probably never will, I am freaked out.

Then I started thinking maybe my son heard it too. He literally woke up seconds after this voice came screaming over the monitor. There was no possible way it was my son, he can’t say the word “no” (another small miracle) he just says “uh uh” and he definitely can’t be mistaken for a woman’s voice.

Is this the reason he barely sleeps in his own room?

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