Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Big Boy Bed

When we moved into our new place a few months ago, I had the best of intentions to convert Brandon’s crib to a big boy bed. My first task at hand though was getting him adjusted to his own room and out of our bed. When I realized that was happening slower than we cared it to, I thought maybe giving him a big boy bed would entice him to sleep in his own room, in his own bed. And this is where the saga begins…

The first time we made an attempt to convert the crib, I took it apart only to realize that I misplaced the metal pins that hold the front rail on. You see, in the old apartment I had all of the bolts, pins and assorted hardware in a Ziplock bag. That Ziplock bag was then taped to the bed rail and the instructions were stored underneath the crib mattress. When we moved, I needed the tools and instructions to take apart the crib and put it back together. This is where it all went sour. So, I contacted Simmons Kids and the customer service woman was so nice that she sent me the pins…free of charge. I had them within days.

Time past and I went back to work and converting the crib was no longer a priority…until about 2 weeks ago. Chris took Brandon out for a few hours so I had the chance to convert the crib and straighten out his room without him there. I grabbed the pins, which I put away in a place I new I’d find them and went hunting for the instructions. GONE!!! They were nowhere and I distinctly remember putting them somewhere and saying, “Ill put them here so I don’t lose them.” Right. So, again, converting the crib had to wait because, of course, Simmons customer service is not open on the weekends. But I did make sure to note the model number so I could get the right instructions sent to me.

Monday morning came, I called Simmons and the customer service representative promptly emailed me a PDF version of the instructions. No chance I can lose them now!!! I had them electronic AND hardcopy. Awesome!!!

So last Saturday, with Brandon home, Chris and I decided to finally take the plunge and convert the crib. We got all of our pieces together and took the front of the crib off. All while Brandon is trying to “help”. Awe. We inserted the pins into the rail, the rail into the crib and went to screw the bolts in to secure the rail. FAIL! The bolts apparently are different from the ones we removed from the crib, and are the ones that I still have not been able to locate.

I was not about to get Brandon all excited for his big boy bed and stick him back in a crib, nor did I want to put it back together again. I threw caution to the wind and wire tied the rail to the metal frame that holds the mattress. In all reality, the rail only prevents the mattress from moving forward. It’s been a few days and it’s just fine.

So, Monday I make another call to Simmons to request the bolts I need and to inquire about the cost of the guard (that of course is sold separately). I was told that they could send me the bolts for a $1.80 or so a piece and $10 flat rate shipping. TEN DOLLARS!!!! Are they crazy? This was totally shocking given the amazing service and help I have received up to this point. When I inquired about the ridiculous shipping cost I was told it’s the standard. My inner bitch came out and I told her no thank you, I’d look for them at the Home Depot.
But instead, I called again yesterday and got a lovely woman on the phone. I didn’t reference my previous call and asked her if they could send me the bolts I needed. She offered to send them to me free of charge. No cost for the bolts, no cost for the shipping. Hmmm, interesting. She also let me know that the rail was $60. Uh, no. He hasn’t fallen out of bed yet, so it’s not on the priority list.

Needless to say, the bolts are on their way and we have a big boy in his big boy bed. Now if we can teach him how to make the bed, we’d be all set.

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  1. Great tactic, Kelly! I would have done the same! Man, I've had tons of frustrations with customer service over the phone, but sometimes, the entire attitude changes when it's a new person you're talking to!

    So glad Brandon is all cozy in his big boy bed now! =)