Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Beginning of a Journey

It isn't just enough to realize that you have to change the way you eat and live, you have to take action. If you don't take action, you will never get from where you are to where you need/want to be.


Eating healthy is certainly a huge part of changing your lifestyle and your health. So, yesterday, armed with information from my book, I hit the grocery store determined to make the best possible food choices I could. I used everything that I learned so far (and I'm sure there's much more) and created a menu for the week accounting for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I was pretty satisfied with my choices. I tried to make every food I included in my meal to serve a purpose. I made every effort to maximize the nutritional value and get as much of my daily requirements as I could.


I'm super excited to try some new food combinations and share them all with you. I'm also excited to share all the things I learn while taking this journey. I hope that by making a pledge to take charge of mine and my family's health, I can inspire you to do the same.


While eating a healthier diet is a great start to transforming your health, sometimes it just isn't enough; you need physical activity. I'm am the worst at exercising. I've had a gym membership for years and will be the first to admit, I don't go. Working full time and being a wife and mom, take up the majority of my time. It's time that I happily sacrifice. But those sacrifices are starting to build up and I'm becoming unhealthy because of it. And in order for me to continue to take care of them, I HAVE TO take care of me too. If I want to carry another child, I have to be healthy and help my body be strong enough to sustain a healthy pregnancy.


I wanted to start this journey on the right foot, so I did, literally. My hubby went for his blood work today and after he sent me a text with his weight, which is now less than mine, I decided now was a good time as any to get out there and start moving. I threw on my new pair of running shoes, grabbed Brandon and the stroller and off we went. I lapped our complex 3 times. Not sure of the distance (I'll clock it later with the odometer). I realized during that walk just how out of shape I am. I was sweating, I was winded and my legs felt like jello. But I did it!! I took that first step. It felt great!


  1. way to go. Keep it up, I look forward to following your blog and learning some of what you have learned

  2. Thanks, Lindsay, glad to have you here. I'm really excited about everything I am learning and even more excited about sharing it with others.