Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hunkered Down

I spent the better part of yesterday and early this morning preparing for Hurricane Sandy. Being in New Jersey, Sandy is has her sights set to hit us dead-on. I bought as much non-perishable foods as I could and we'll plan to consume the food in the freezer and refrigerator first in the event we lose power. We are fortunate to have a gas stove and can at least cook stove top and in the oven. So, I'll cook everything I possibly can to use up my eggs, cheese and any thing else i can make into something non-perishable.

We have soups, bread, bagels, granola bars, muffins, fruit, pasta and plenty of bottled water. We have cash. We have brought all of our balcony furniture in and have parked away from trees and telephone poles. The laundry is done. We have candles and flashlights and are charging every electronic device we have.

I have brought crayons and coloring books to keep our son occupied. And I will do as much organizing and cleaning as I can.

We made it through Hurricane Irene last year pretty unscathed. Some surrounding areas were not so lucky. However, this storm seems to be much worse and the high winds and water surges are a great concern. We live in a second floor apartment and are located at one of the highest points in our town, so my home flooding is of little concern. I am worried about being without power for a few days.

To all my friends in the tri-state area. If you have not yet begun to prepare, you have a very small window to do so. Stores are very scarce in the way of bread, water, batteries and other supplies. Bring in your Halloween decorations and patio furniture, tape windows and move beds away from windows,  charge phones and make sure you have food. Even if the storm does not hit you too hard, you will have at least been prepared for the worst. Once Sandy hits, she will hand around for awhile. Be prepared and remain indoors.

It is my intention to blog through the storm as i did last year, however, in the event of a power outage, I will not be able to post. I will go back to my old paper and pen and post a blog when we have power again.

I wish all my friends and family luck in the storm. Stay safe.


  1. Be safe Morgas! Hopefully they're making is seem worse than it really will be.

  2. Thanks, Pam!! We feel prepared, but nervous nonetheless. Now, we just wait.