Monday, August 19, 2013

Fat to Fit - End of Week 4

This week has been my toughest week. After losing 2 days to cramps, which I am convinced were sent directly from Satan himself, I had to back down a bit with an injury. I have been experiencing some pain in my hips. It seems to get worse on a day that I run. I tried a few different pairs of shoes and that didn't seem to change anything. On the advice of a friend, I tried stretching my hamstrings more before and after a run, and still, I had pain. 

So, rather than cause further injury and completely sideline myself, I opted to take it easy. I still managed to get out there for a total of 8 miles and lose an inch and a half total. 

I did notice this week that even with those set backs and challenges, I feel that I have more confidence and I stand a little taller. I feel good about myself for the first time since probably my wedding. That feeling will be what keeps me going. 

On Saturday, a friend invited me over to for yoga. I've never done yoga, but she practices it all the time. We've talked about it for months and I finally decided to try it. And I really enjoyed it. I never realized how tight my muscles really were until I tried yoga. I wasn't sure if  it would be something I would enjoy, but I did. 

This has led me to decide to add yoga, as well as, Pilates to my workouts. I tried Pilates many years ago and at that time, I didn't really like it. Mostly because I was new to it and it felt awkward to me. So, I am going to bust out the DVDs again and give it another go. 

I'm really excited about adding these 2 elements into my workouts. 

Have you ever practiced yoga or Pilates? Do you enjoy it, do you have suggestions or advice?


  1. Good for you! The hardest part is often finding the "right fit", and it looks like you've done that.

    No running for me! Since I was "abundantly blessed", I had to give that up as a teen. :) I have done yoga & pilates, and I liked both. Unfortunately, a back injury and other physical issues prevent me from practicing as much as I would have like. I hope to be able to get back to it.

    Stretch, stretch, stretch, and watch that posture and breathing. That's about the only advice I could give. Ummm... other than KEEP IT UP! :)

  2. Thanks, Anita. I really am enjoying the yoga and Pilates. The yoga helps to stretch me out and the Pilates is helping to strengthen my core. My hips issues are starting to straighten out, so I am hoping to get back out there ASAP.

    Thanks again!!