Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Here's to 2014!

Happy New Year to all!

As I sit and reflect on 2013, I am reminded of all the things, both good and bad, that it held. We laughed, we cried. We loved, we lost. My husband, son and I had our health. We had food and a roof over our heads. Our bills were paid. After 3 years of writing and editing, I finally published my first ebook. My brother and sister-in-law became pregnant with their second baby. We also found out that we would be welcoming our second child into our family as well. My husband started a new job that will set us up and prepare us for retirement. Seriously, am I that old that retirement plans are a concern? And after nearly 3 years, we are a 2 car family again. Many happy occasions.

But with all the good, there will always come the bad. In May, we both lost our jobs, I still have not returned to work. My aunt became ill with cancer and has endured chemo, surgeries and a long road ahead of her. We said goodbye to my dear Aunt Babs far too soon.

I never make New Year's resolutions, frankly because I don't keep them. But I always look forward to the promise of a new year and a clean slate. There are many exciting things happening in 2014 for my family and those around us. And I am excited to share those moments with them and you.

My wish for all of you is that you make the best out of every day. Leave the pain and hurt and anger of last year behind and wake up each day with a new perspective. Every day, not just New Year's Day, is a day to start over. Be thankful for what you have and work hard for the things you want. Make things happen. Be kind. Love each other. Remember that a simple smile or "good morning" to a stranger could change their day. Pay it forward. With a little kindness and care for those around us, the world will be a better place. Be the kind of person that you would want your children to be. Put down the technology and spend time with your children; you will never get these years back (this I am personally guilty of). Slow down. Take the time to do the things you love, the dishes can wait.

Here's to a happy, healthy and joyous New Year!

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