Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Fitness Journey: 30 Days of Challenges - Week 1

End of Week One

These challenges have been working out really great and I am pleasantly surprised. They are proving to be challenging enough for a beginner, but not too intense where I can't pick up the baby or bring groceries up the stairs. 

For a little more of a challenge, though, I upped the weights to 8 pounds and added in 3 pound ankle weights and sneaking in exercise where ever I can like walking/running and calf raises while I wait for Brandon's bus. Eating healthier and making smarter food and portion choices are also a huge part of whether these challenges succeed or not. 

What I really like about these different challenges is that if I need to split them up throughout the day, I can. Somedays, I get my leg challenge in before the kids are up and then finish the other 2 during the baby's nap. 

The Results

I honestly didn't expect to see much of a difference in the first week, but numbers don't lie. 

Pounds lost: 4
Inches lost:
     Arm: .5
     Thigh: .5
     Waist: 1
     Hips: .75

Seeing a slight change in such a short amount is definitely motivating to push a little harder for week 2!

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