Wednesday, December 16, 2015

You Told My Son There's No Santa

To the kid that told my son there's no Santa,

First, let me start off by apologizing to you. I'm so sorry that someone ruined the magic of Christmas for you at such a young age. Maybe it was an older sibling or kid at school just being mean, but I'm sure it crushed you. And, as a mom, I'm sorry. I'm sorry someone crushed your spirit. 

I'm sure you remember what that felt like. That feeling when your heart gets hurt, when someone is mean, for no other reason than because someone was mean to them. It made you feel good to destroying the spirit of a child that still believes. 

You told my son that Santa was really just Mommy and Daddy that get the presents.  And while that may be true, doesn't that make Santa real? My parents were Santa, your parents are Santa, I'm Santa and someday, you will be Santa and to your kids, you too, will be real. 

Because of you, I had to look into my son's sad eyes. Because of you I had to lie to my son. You say that I was already lying. Lying about a man called Santa. But you see, I'm not lying to my son. There is a Santa. He may not be a fat jolly old man that rides in a sleight, but he is real. 

Santa is the spirit of giving and doing good for others. It's seeing a smile on a strangers face from a random act of kindness. Santa is the joy in your child's face when he got the special toy he asked for when sitting on Santa's lap. Santa is happiness. Santa is the way your children ooh and ahh at the houses decorated in Christmas lights. It's hearing Christmas carols. It's the sound of your children's feet  running down the hall to see what Santa left under the tree. 

So, you see, Santa is real. And my Christmas wish for you is that Santa brings you your spirit back. That you use that spirit for good. That you remember what it was like to believe and that you believe again. 

For now, my son still believes and I hope to keep the magic alive for him as long as I can.

Merry Christmas.