Thursday, March 24, 2011

Are You Kidding Me?

This one is definitely blog worthy. I can almost hear the jaws of mothers and women hitting the floor already. So, brace yourselves, this is a doozy. You might want to even sit down.

Last night after Brandon was in bed, Chris and I turned on the news to see what the weather would be like for the following day. I stood there and ironed, yes very domesticated I know, and we watched news story after news story before the weather finally came on. Well, after the weather was a broadcast of a  very disturbing story. I literally had to stop ironing or I may have burned a hole in the seat of Chris' pants.

I warn you, this is your last chance to sit down cause here it comes....

Baby dolls these days are becoming more and more realistic. They eat, cry, burp, talk and some (if your lucky and your child has one) even pee and poo. Okay, I think the pee and poo are a little over the top. Now I gotta buy diapers for a fake doll too?? Anyway, apparently a toy company in Spain doesn't think that these dolls are real enough!! Berjuan, the offending toy company, as come up with a doll that is even more realistic. Bebe Gloton, or gluttonous baby, looks like any other toy doll, except this one is meant to simulate breastfeeding!!! If you just fell over, I remind you that you were warned. Yes, the Bebe Gloton literally simulates breastfeeding. The doll comes with a bra-like halter top featuring flower petals positioned over where the child's nipples would be. OMG, pasties for kids?? WTF??

The doll then latches on to the petals and emits a suckling sound. When the doll has finished "nursing", it will cry until it has been burped. I repeat OMG WTF!!!

Berjuan claims that the doll was designed to promote breast-feeding and the bond between mother and child. And I agree, breast-feeding is a completely natural act between mother and child to provide nourishment and yes, bond. But by no means should a child be nursing a child. And there are parents that actually think this is okay!!!

The news story made me physically ill. Toys for children should be appropriately themed, this is not an appropriate theme. Below is a picture. Ugh, vomit.


  1. This is ridiculous! I heard on the news as well last night. What's next?

  2. I think your opinion is very sheltered and ignorant. Perhaps you need to take the time and researching breasfeeding in Spain. This is something widely accepted. Breastfeeding is the most natural form of feeding infants, so what is the problem. Girls simulate bottle-feeding with babydolls all the time so I see no difference. Especially in a culture where children are very openly exposed to breastfeeding. If you don't like it just don't buy it. There is no need for all the criticism.
    Its a shame that you express such distaste for a breastfeeding doll simulating something innocent and natural when the amount of toy weapons out there that simulate violence is overwhelming. I am sorry that as a mother you find the doll to be more offensive.

    Just a little info on myself

  3. .... I hit "post" prematurely .... I am a 33 year old wife and mother also from NJ

  4. I'm sorry you feel that way and you are certainly entitled to your opinion. Breastfeeding in Spain maybe widely excepted, however, the news broadcast and article I read referred to the doll being introduced to the United States. In the US, breastfeeding remains taboo. I do not disagree with exposing the public and children to breastfeeding, where I have the issue is that we are trying to have our children grown up too fast. Girls simulate bottle feding, yes, however, any individual that picks up a bottle and a baby can bottle feed that baby. A person other than a new mother cannot breastfeed. I do not agree with the violent toys, TV shows, etc. I also choose not to purchase those toys for my son. I do not want to prematurely expose him to the violence in the world while he is still innocent. I ask that people do not purchase him those things and if they do, I explain that I do not want him having those toys and I exchange them. So, no I do not find the doll more offensive than the weapons toys that are out there. I also think that there are other ways to educate a young girl to the benefits of breastfeeding than with a doll.