Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baby Boy to Little Man

When did my sweet little baby boy turn into an amazing little man? It's like I blinked and there he was!!

I was so lucky to spend so much time home with him. And I really convinced myself that as long as I saw him hit his major "first" milestones, I would feel better about going back to work. I couldn't have been more wrong!

Brandon will turn 2 in just 2 short months and recently he started to become this other person. He has his own thoughts, and desires, likes and dislikes and an amazing imagination.

He's starting to really talk and communicate and interact. I had no idea what I'd be missing all those hours at a desk.

Just today on our way home, we stopped at Lowes. I carried him through the parking lot and when we got into the store, I put him down and said, "okay, hold Mommy's hand." He wrapped his little fingers around my index finger and we walked hand-in-hand to the kiosk that makes keys. First we past the fans. The look on his face was like he hit the mother load. When we reached the key place, he handed the man the key and watched as the machine did it's job. The man handed Brandon the key and he grabbed it and held onto it. When we got to the register, I let him scan the key and even use the debit machine. The lady at the front was hysterical!!

Every day this little man does something new and exciting. The only difference is I'm missing it now. I looked at the folders on my computer labeled for his pictures. During his first year I took/collected 1,162 pictures of him. For year 2 I have only 375. I've missed over 800 moments...working.

So here is my plea. Follow my blog, share me with friends and pass me around. Help me on my path to becoming a writer/sahm so I can be around for all the moments that make up my Little Silly Life.

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