Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Blog a Day in May Day #7 - Yes, I Totally Flaked

Brandon spent the night at his Mimi's house Friday night and my wonderful husband took me out for an early Mother's Day dinner and a drink. We finished our meal and decided, let's take advantage of the time, rent a movie and watch it in bed. We have shared our 1 bedroom with our little boy for nearly 2 years and we can't remember the last time we actually had a chance to do that.

In the effort of saving some cash, we gave that Red Box thing a shot. There's a small selection, but for $1 per night per movie, I'm sure there is something we would enjoy. We selected Black Swan and Hereafter. As soon as we got home, we got in our PJs, set up the DVD and laid down to snuggle in bed. Then, realized we somehow turned on closed captioning and for the life of us, could not turn it off, you wouldn't believe how distracting closed captioning is. We finally figured it out and started the movie over. All I have to say is, GREAT movie!!! Very weird, but the acting is amazing. Natalie Portman truly deserved every award she received.

Never made it to Hereafter.

Saturday we woke up, hung around for a bit and went out to do some more running around. So much to do before this move!!! We ran to get Mother's Day cards and gifts, a few things we needed at Wal-Mart and Shoprite for something to make for dinner that night and then to my in-laws to get Brandon. From there we took him to the local carnival, where we acquired a new family member, Gus Goldberg the Goldfish. This led to a trip to the store for fish food.

In the midst of all this running and playing, the dealership from yesterday called and it was not good news. Well, actually I can't say it was bad news, but it was not the news i was hoping to hear. Unfortunately, the bank will not allow me to buy out my truck from the lease because the loan would be more than the truck is valued at. Ok, well then lease to buy should NOT be an option. Unfortunately I know now that when I leased this vehicle, the dealership screwed me. I purchased it with 4,800 miles on it and didn't realize at the time that even though there were miles, I still had to turn it in with the 48,000 as if it was a brand new lease. Well, I have 53,000. So, here I am paying for mileage whether I keep it or not. Again, a stipulation I didn't know about 4 years ago. Bastards. So, I have 2 options, get rid of it anyway, leaving us with one vehicle (not an option) and be left with a bill for a vehicle I don't own, or take the Malibu at a much higher payment than I had wanted to, and take on more rent and not have a job at the moment.

My husband and i talked and realized we were basically backed against a wall, so Happy Mother's Day to me, my husband bought me a new car. However, I was so stressed out that I took a Xanax, made dinner and then the in-laws arrived. We ate, cleaned up and had dessert. They left a short time later, just as I was getting Brandon ready for bed and his bottle. I remember giving him his bottle, but next thing I remember was getting up at 3:30 this morning to him crying cause his diaper leaked.

At this point I panicked, I didn't get my Blogathon post in. CRAP!!! So, I am posting twice today. I know this will probably disqualify me from the Blogathon, but it's my own fault. I will however, continue to blog every day in May. See what stress can do??

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