Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Blog a Day in May Day 9 - Exciting Day

I had an interview today. It's a Recruiting Coordinator role for an agency that does mostly restaurant staffing. I think it went well. It's much closer to home than my previous commute so that is going to be fabulous.

After I got back to my mom's to finish laundry, I sat down to have lunch. I was starving. I never eat before an interview. I always feel like I'm gonna vomit. Just as I was about to take the first bite of my Lean Pocket (love them), the hubby called and said that the dealership called and everything is all ready. I could come tonight to pick up my wonderful Mother's Day gift from my hubby, a new car!!!

so instead of getting my articles and research done, I had to clean the truck. Oh boy, what a mess!! I plugged my iPod into the stereo and jammed out with Dale (my truck) one last time. I cleaned out the back, did the windows and plastic and vacuumed. I made sure I knew what needed to be transferred and that it was all very organized for a smooth transition. Then I gave him a good bath, the first in some time.

I have a tendency to form attachments to inanimate objects and Dale was no exception. I loved my truck, but the circumstances forced us to part ways. He looked amazing, almost brand new. Such a shame to have to give him up. Here is my beloved Dale:

I was very emotional at the thought of giving Dale away. After all, we brought Brandon, our first baby, home in that truck. He was good to me and I am going to miss him. Yes, I did cry and I'm not ashamed.

Anyway, when Dale's detail was complete I went in to finish the laundry. I left shorty after that or at least tried to. When I got in the truck and tried to start it, it was dead. I yelled for my mom and said, "you're not going to $&@%# believe this!! My truck won't start!!!" this wouldn't have been too surprising except that back in 2006 when I had an appointment the next day to trade my car in for Dale (well not Dale, but the same truck as Dale) I was rear-ended on my way home from work which pushed my purchase off almost a year.

Mom and I tried the jump pack my brother keeps in the garage but it wasn't fully charged and wouldn't jump the truck so we called the neighbor for some help. We ended up using my Dad's truck, praying the whole time it didn't ruin his battery. Dale got up and going and Dad's truck was just fine.

When my hubby finally got home from work, we headed to the dealership. Poor hubby had such a long day. We transferred the car seat and all my belongings. We didn't get done at the dealership until after 10pm. I said my final goodbyes to Dale and thanked him for always being so good to me.

Then the 3 of us drove off. She has yet to be given a name, but we need to get a little more acquainted. Here she is:

I haven't had a chance to set my radio pre-sets or really play. But tomorrow is another day.

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