Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Too Busy to Write

Okay, I've been bad. I have totally neglected my blog recently. Mostly because I have put all my energy into applying for jobs and looking for freelance work to help bridge the gap between unemployment and what I was bringing in before.

Our lives have been crazy lately. We have been prepping for our move, which. Has been quite a task. Thank goodness I started painting, well cutting in. My father-in-law is gonna come in with his big industrial size roller and just do the walls and ceiling. It'll go faster that way.

I got the bathroom restored to it's original state. I'll be spending my day tomorrow cutting the hallway and the 3 doors in the hallway. The bedroom has become a catch-all, much like it did when we first moved in and well I guess ever since. No room for it? Put it in the bedroom in the corner. Well, we have run out of corners.

We are down to 2 weeks and still have a lot to accomplish. I'll keep you posted as we progress through the move...

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