Monday, July 11, 2011

All Settled

Okay, well, we have been settled for a few weeks now. Truth be told, all boxes were packed and life was back to normal in a record 5 days. I'm not one to live out of boxes. I need to know where my things are and that they are neat and organized.

A lot of person things have kept me from keeping up with my blog. First, the move was slightly overwhelming. I had never packed all my stuff and moved before. I didn't go away to college and when my husband and I moved in together (then my boyfriend), I packed my little sport car everyday on my lunch hour and unpacked it that night. It was a slow and steady process. This, on the other hand, started out really organized and ended up as a grab and go. We moved 7 years of our lives in 8 hours. We have more space so it seems bare and echoy...echoy is that even a word? Anyway, you get it.

With my unemployment benefits coming quickly to an end, I have been putting a huge focus on finding a job and getting my resume out there. I had hopes of launching a freelance career and not have to go back to an office, but I realize now that it is going to take more time than what I have. But I am not giving up!! And that's the reason that after all this time, I logged on and started writing.

I have been freelancing for one customer and once I get into the swing of it and learn to manage time a little better, those articles will go much more smoothly and take a lot less time. I have also been working on an ongoing project for a website. Busy, busy, busy, but unfortunately not enough to keep me home.

While I was still working, I began writing a book based mostly on the events surrounding the passing of my grandmother. Sounds depressing, I know. But it is a story filled with the grief and sorrow surrounding death and he joy of recalling memories. I have been a bad writer and have completely neglected it the entire time I have been home. I probably could have finished it by now. But, I will be actively finishing it up and getting it out there. Even if it isn't a big hit, I have the satisfaction of knowing that I have a published book. I have a great idea for my next one. Yup, film material.....

Since I was a little girl, I loved to take pictures of people and things. I never really lost that love and until recently haven't given it much thought except that it was something I did...just for me...for fun. I have since discovered the joy of photo editing and have a few iPhone apps that I use. I have registered on a photo networking site and am in the process of creating a website to sell some of my work, or try to anyway. I have been totally inspired by people in my life that do this already and even if no one buys my work, I can guarantee the art in my home will be very original. Stay tuned for the launch.

So, where does that leave me? It leaves me with a million and one ideas and not enough hours in the day. But after my little hiatus, I have come back with a renewed fire to turn the things that I love into what I do for a living. It's now or never......

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